Life as a Quarantined Blugold

Covid-19, social distancing, and quarantine are just a few of the many words or phrases that are now normal parts of our life as humans on earth. But what is this new normal? That definition is different for everyone. Normally as a marketing major, student athlete, and campus photographer, my life would revolve around campus. Between waking up early to fit in my lifting regimen and staying up late to study, there was never a dull moment. Being the extrovert that I am, I thrived off of going 100% all the time. Then, in the blink of an eye, my normal changed along with everyone else’s. Now, campus is closed, the spring semester is online, and everyone is wearing masks in public. Who would’ve thought that this would happen just a few months ago.

Since the start of our early arriving spring break, I have been confined to my apartment in Eau Claire. Here, my roommates and I do our best to fill each day with as much as we can. Between sleeping, playing video games, doing homework, eating, fishing, working out, or participating in family Zoom calls, we are doing our best to make our seemingly endless time in quarantine enjoyable. Throughout the pandemic, I have had quite a bit of time to think about all of the changes that have occurred. In the beginning, I anticipated that the lack of social interaction would be tough, especially with my extroverted personality. But, so far it’s been doable thanks to social media, FaceTime, and Zoom. However, over the past few weeks, I realize more and more how we as humans thrive on face-to face interaction. Thousands of events are being cancelled or postponed and FaceTime cannot replace them. I believe that phones help curb our social appetite, but they don’t fulfill our social needs. Now more than ever, I miss basic conversations with my friends or even just sitting down inside a restaurant. I miss being in class and learning face-to-face from a professor, rather than watching lectures online. I miss the grind of football workouts and spring practice. I miss being able to head home to see my parents.

But it is easy to wish for the way things were. The real challenge is to make change your friend. Use this free time to better yourself and see what you can do rather than can’t. I think a lot of people are doing this. I see tons of people outside enjoying nature rather than being caught up in the hustle of the world. Families are reconnecting through Zoom and people are still saying “hello” to one another while standing six feet apart. There may be many negatives to this virus, but I refuse not to see the positives as well. I pray that you and your family stay safe and healthy during this new normal.




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