A Day in the Life: Sav

While I never lived in the residence halls or enjoyed my meals in the cafeteria, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t had an enjoyable experience at UW-Eau Claire. Let’s take a look at my typical day which includes attending classes, but also spending some time outside and relaxing.

Slow mornings

I’ve been rather lucky with my class schedule over the years because I’ve never had an 8am(trust me I’m VERY grateful). I have learned that I have periods throughout the day where I am most productive from around 10am-2pm and then again from roughly 5pm-9pm, so I use those periods to tackle my most tedious tasks. I’m also not really a morning person, so I set aside plenty of time to wake up, make coffee, get ready for the day, and prepare for my classes. I hate feeling rushed, especially in the morning, so I like to take my time and put on some chill music to get going. I also refer to my planner to see what things I need to accomplish and any other plans I have for the day.

Classes & Work

This semester I have a couple of classes back-to-back, so I typically go to campus and get those out of the way. When I’m not in class or working on campus, I study in my living room….I love the comfort of my house. When I take breaks from studying, I do my laundry or take care of my plants (anyone else collect plants?). I can’t stay focused for super long, so I like to break everything into chunks and often step away from my computer.

I’m coming close to my last semester at UWEC, so my classes are rather focused on my major which is Environmental Geography. I’m also in the UW-Eau Claire Geography and Anthropology Club. It’s been great to connect with other students who have an interest in the environment. On top of that, I’ve had the opportunity to dive into environmental research with one of my professors. I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunities that UW-Eau Claire offers students. There is a student organization for just about every interest or hobby.

Here I am with the Geography and Anthropology Club

Not only do I like getting involved on-campus, but I’ve also gotten involved off-campus. A couple years ago, I participated in the #GlobalClimateStrike. My friends and I marched together downtown to spread the word on how important it is to take care of our planet.

Marching for the planet. #GlobalClimateStrike

Since my classes are getting more focused on my major, I’ve gotten more stressed. I’ve learned to listen to my mind and body by setting aside time for self-care and relaxation. I like to do yoga classes (UWEC has several yoga class offerings for students), enjoy some coffee from local shops, go skateboarding near campus, do face masks, and watch my favorite shows on Netflix.

A little reading at Eau Claire Downtown Coffee (ECDC)

Wrapping it Up

As my daily to-do list winds down, I clean up my work area because an organized space fosters an organized mind. I like to eat rather early in the evening, so I’ll cook something up and chow down. At this point I most likely have Netflix or YouTube playing on my TV. My roommates and I make it a point to get together every week and hangout. We usually watch The Bachelor and have snacks. Unwinding from homework is so important.

Sometimes I workout in the evening. I know it’s a strange time to break a sweat, but this is the best time for me to fit it in. Afterwards, I’ll shower and clean up (maybe even do a face mask) and feel fresh and clean before jumping into my favorite place…MY BED! The introvert in me loves to be alone and just chill out at night.

I’ll usually change into some cozy clothes and switch the lighting to something dimmer so it’s easier on my eyes after a long day of looking at screens. I make sure all my ducks are in a row for the next day, and set my alarm. Sometimes I’ll finish watching an episode, scroll on my phone, or read a couple pages of a book until I start to feel sleepy. I like lots of sleep, so I usually go to bed around 10:30, give or take, and drift off so that I’m ready for the next day.

Here I am on vacation in Montana. I LOVE to travel when I can.

Remember that your daily life as a college student might differ from others and that’s okay. While I didn’t live in the dorms or eat from the cafeteria, I still made friends with the same interests as me by joining a student organization. Make sure you get involved on campus, enjoy your surroundings, take time for yourself, and explore the city. Eau Claire has truly become my new home.



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