Fall Movie Queue

As we all know, fall is right around the corner. Some may even say it’s already here. That means we must prepare for the coziest season of all. How you ask? By watching the BEST movies of course! Since quarantine days are probably far from over, a movie night is a great way to have some fun while staying safe. Here’s a suggested list of films for every type of person. NOTE: These are all accessible on MyTV10 which is available to all UWEC students with a student ID login!

The Real Spooky Season Lovers

Let us begin with the classic autumn go-to: SPOOKY. When fall comes around it’s time for Halloween and scary stories…

Doctor Sleep (2019) is a relatively new sequel to the classic The Shining (1980) that was written by Stephen King. It’s a more modern take on the psychotic story of a hotel caretaker, but this time from the perspective of the son all grown up.

Joker (2019) is another popular thriller that isn’t what you would expect from a super-villain movie. It tackles the topic of mental health in a very real-world scenario, but it gets intense so be prepared.

Annabelle Comes Home (2019) is another common favorite because of the series. This one incorporates the supernatural side of scary movies and will surely make you jump.

The Romantics

On a much lighter note, fall is also a very romantic season filled with cuddles and corny dates at the pumpkin patch. If you’re looking for some gushy love stories these may be for you….

Everything, Everything (2017) is a very unique story about a girl in quarantine (sound familiar?) due to her severe health issues, but wait, there’s a catch. She falls in love with the boy next door!

A similar story in Five Feet Apart (2019) keeps two lovers from being together because of their high susceptibility to illness in the hospital… also a bit relatable with our social distancing rules currently in effect. Maybe the director saw this pandemic coming!

Lastly, The Sun Is Also a Star (2019) tells of the instant love a girl feels before being deported from the U.S..

Dim the lights, grab some tissues, and try these cute flicks.

The Gigglers

For those of you that need a laugh, THIS CATEGORY IS FOR YOU!

Game Night (2018) is a mystery adventure where a group of friends attend a murder mystery party, but it turns out to be much much more. Well-known actors Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman bring a lot of excitement and humor to this film.

Next we have Isn’t It Romantic (2019) with Rebel Wilson. You may recognize her from the Pitch Perfect series. This movie is a satirical poke at romance films and how everything is so picture-perfect when life really isn’t that way.

We’re The Millers (2013) is a popular comedy where you can never go wrong. Also including a cast of familiar faces, this one will really give you that abdomen exercise with the non-stop laughter.

The Classics

Maybe you’re looking for a throwback because they never get old.

Try The Breakfast Club (1985) to remind you of what school was like before all the new rules and restrictions. It shows a heartfelt look at all the high school archetypes we all know and love.

Dirty Dancing (1987) is another great story about the emerging era of new dance styles in the late 1900s. You might wanna get up and groove!

If you’ve ever wondered what your life would be like as a movie or TV show, ask Jim Carrey in The Truman Show (1998) where he gets filmed 24/7 beginning at birth and doesn’t even know it.

The Intellectuals

Movies can be seen as entertainment, but they can also act as complex forms of art that tackle major social issues. These picks have underlying themes more serious than many and make you think about important topics!

20th Century Women (2016), directed by Greta Gerwig, showcases a single mother raising her son in a period of great social change.

Little Women (2019), by the same director, articulates the difficulties of a love triangle in the 1860s. Both films question the gender roles put in place by society, and they can spur great discussions among your friends and family!

The award-winning movie Parasite (2019) has a much different style while still addressing issues like class discrimination and greed. Push your brain a little outside of class with these films!

The Showstoppers

Picture this. You’re in your room and your favorite song of the musical begins to play. You’re dancing and jumping around the room while singing into your hairbrush. We all have those moments where we’re performing like a shining star even if nobody sees. Make sure to check out these suggestions if you’re in a showstopping mood….

Yesterday (2019) shows a world where only one person remembers the popular band The Beatles existed…what a tragedy that would be!

Another option is the new revision of a classic musical in the movie Cats (2019), starring Taylor Swift and James Corden. The plot is a bit….odd, so buckle up. Check this one out if you’re a hardcore Swiftie.

And last but not least, Rocketman (2019) captures the life of Elton John and the difficulties he experienced being an LGBTQIA+ performer.

Grab some popcorn, and get the disco ball spinning.

Fall time brings all the cozy feels, so find your genre and cuddle up with some snacks and goodies. Maybe make a weekly schedule of watching a new film that can give you time to relax after class and help you appreciate the joys of the chilly season. Happy watching, Blugolds!



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