#NationalComplimentDay 2020

UW-Eau Claire
4 min readJan 21, 2020

We’re celebrating National Compliment Day and we have a whole lot of love to spread to our fellow UW campuses!


We heard that a record number of graduates crossed your stage at winter commencement last month. Way to go! You’ve provided them an outstanding education and we’re sure their futures are bright. 🌠


Your football team is definitely something to talk about 💪. Congratulations on their 13–2 season!


We can feel the ground shake from western Wisconsin when you #JumpAround. You have the BEST student section! #OnWisconsin 👐


We are so impressed by you ranking as #28 on this list. Your engineering students are leaders in building the future. 📐


You have the most breath-taking city views on your campus. We can see why Forbes picked you as one of the top 25 places to visit in 2020! 😍

UW-La Crosse

Those #bluff views are incredible. You’re incredible. ❤️️


Like us, UW-Oshkosh students are tough enough to brave the Wisconsin cold AND they do it in style! 😎

UW-Green Bay

The students, staff, and faculty at UW-Green Bay are so kind and selfless. We loved seeing how you gave back to your community on Make a Difference Day. 💚

UW-Stevens Point

We LOVE this… the first permanent pride crosswalk in Wisconsin. Your work improves the lives of your students. 🌈


I-94 brought us a rivalry, but it also brought us some of the prettiest sunsets around. Can we agree on that? 🌅

UW-River Falls

UW-Eau Claire (Left) and UW-River Falls (Right)

We must say you have a nice campus clock! We have one too! Twins! 🕧


  1. Your grounds crew is amazing for working in these arctic-like conditions and getting students to class safely.
  2. Nothing can stop UW-Superior students. Not even what looks to be 2 feet of snow. ⛄

If you need to hear our message one more time, here it is:

Happy National Compliment Day, everyone! Now go spread some love of your own! 💕



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